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Thank you so much for visiting our website. Our staff are your trusted, friendly, and certified travel experts.

Our blog will be posts about our personal travel so you can get real and up-to-date information and reviews on different destinations!

Now, if you have never used a travel agent before, I’m sure you are hesitant and have a lot of questions..this is totally understandable! Let me give a quick overview of using a travel a agent…

1. You don’t pay us a penny! I know, I know. Too good to be true and it sounds sketchy, doesn’t it? Allow me to explain through an example. Let’s say you want to go on a cruise with Royal Caribbean International. We will take care of all the bookings (and get you a great deal!). Royal Caribbean then says “thanks for bringing this customer to us...here is a commission of this sale.” THEY pay us, NOT you!

2. You don’t have to do anything except pack! We take care of EVERYTHING! Bookings, special accommodations, communicating with the vendors, etc.

3. You have our phone number! You don’t have to call a huge corporation and be put on hold. We are a FAMILY owned and operated business and are here for you!

4. In case you are busy and didn’t feel like reading all of that, let me sum up…

- You pay us NOTHING! - We plan and book EVERYTHING for you! - You can ALWAYS get a hold of our staff! Not a third party company that puts you on hold.

Feel free to checkout our other posts by clicking the “Blog” button in the menu above and be sure to visit the rest of our website to get an idea of who we are as a company!

Happy traveling!


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