Our Dream Honeymoon - Sandals Ochi

Let me warn you - this post is about our honeymoon and I will probably be mushy and romantic because...well, I love my husband and Jamaica makes you fall in love all over again (see already starting on the mush). Quick disclaimer- ALL pictures in this post are my personal pictures taken by my cell phone. So, obviously, it all looks WAY better in person.

I can not say enough amazing things about Sandals Ochi! We had the time our lives (cue Dirty Dancing lift here). There are many different room options at Sandals. Keep in mind, for this post, I am referring to our experience on our honeymoon where we chose a Butler-Villa One Bedroom Suite with Private Pool, and it was AMAZING (more on this later).


So, we landed in Jamaica… First of all, we did the Club Mobay package and OH MY GOD...so worth it! We were greeted at the airport with a sign “Mr. and Mrs. Songster” (awww). Our escort walked us through the airport, through security (skipping all the lines), and deposited us into a Sandals lounge where snacks and drinks awaited. After about an hour, we boarded our bus and headed to the resort which was about an hour from the airport. We met six other couples on the bus and quickly became friends! We all actually met up later at the resort.

We pull up to the resort and it was breathtaking. Beautiful trees, pristine gardens, and oh yes...the ocean! I mean, look at this!

We got off the bus and were escorted into a first class lounge where we waited for our...are you ready for this… BUTLER to come meet us. Our butler (shout-out Alvroy!) introduced himself and immediately grabbed our bags to take us to our villa. The butlers all drive golf carts to drive you around the resort (because who doesn’t love to be chauffeured?!).

Alvroy was even cool enough to take a picture with us!

Alvroy drove us to our villa and well, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…

Our private pool!

Our cute patio that we spent a TON of time on, especially in the mornings enjoying our room service.

Our room also included an entry way with a full bar and mini-fridge, and a lovely bathroom (pictures coming up).


The first day we explored, and attended a beach party and ate our weight in an absurd amount of delicious food.

The next day, we were introduced to our second butler (one takes the morning shifts, and one the night), Christina. We were laying at our pool, drinking a Jamaican Smile that she had brought us (bless that woman) and Christina asked us if we would mind staying out of our room for 15 minutes because the maintenance guy needed to check our sink. Obviously, we said “yes” because we were laying at our private pool and drinking a delicious frozen drink..does it get much better? As you can tell from the picture below, we were quite content.

She came out after about 15 minutes and said we were good to go back in. We entered our room to find…

Alvroy and Christina had decorated our bed and drawn us a bubble bath with glasses of rum (they noticed we hadn’t drank the champagne the day before and asked us what our preferred drink was). It was at this point my husband said he needed to call our families and tell them we were moving to Jamaica hahaha.

Quick side note about our butlers… they went above and beyond. They checked on us, chauffeured us about the resort, scheduled reservations and lessons for us, and more. Alvroy was so personable and made us feel like we were so welcome! Christina (bless her) was very professional and SAVED me from a wardrobe catastrophe. When I travel, I am known for being an over packer. I decided for our honeymoon, that I would take it down a notch. I knew we would be in swimsuits every day. So, I only packed one pair of denim shorts to wear over my swim suit. On day TWO, the button fell off my shorts. FELL OFF, as in could not button my shorts. We were on our way to our appointment at the Spa, so I left them and planned to go to the gift shop and buy some after our massage. On the golf cart, I mentioned to Christina that I was distraught that my favorite (and only) pair of jean shorts were out of commission. Fast forward past our incredible massage (more on that later). We get back to our villa, and MY SHORTS ARE FIXED! Christina, the angel, went to our villa and sewed my button back on my shorts. I mean come on! Well above the call of duty.


That night we went to Kelly’s Dockside, which is a butler room only restaurant. It is, as the name suggests, on the dock over the ocean and was DELICIOUS.

Loved loved loved Kelly’s Dockside. Fresh seafood for me and something without vegetables for my husband. (Quick note- Brandon is THE pickiest eater on the planet and he found delicious things to eat at EVERY restaurant that we went to).


Day three.. SCUBA DAY! My husband and I LOVE to scuba dive. We had dove twice before our honeymoon. We asked Alvroy, our butler, to schedule us a dive. He suggested that we just take the class and become certified because then we wouldn’t need to keep paying for the “beginner” courses every time we dove somewhere new. He really was the best. So, he scheduled us for the certification classes.

We spent one day in the pool with our INCREDIBLE instructor, Jeno. Once we passed the tests in the pool… to the ocean we went! After we passed that first day, we dove every day for the rest of our trip because the dive sights and visibility were so great!

We saw beautiful coral reefs, a sunken ship, and all sorts of sea life! (No sharks, they don’t like the water in Jamaica we were told.)

In addition to diving, we spent our days at the beach or different pools on the resort..there are a TON! We tried to find a different one each day. If we weren’t at one of the swim-up bars, our butlers insisted we call them so they could assist us by bringing us drinks and food (again...not sure why we left).

Just looking at the pictures again makes me want to book a return trip. “Amazing” doesn’t really cover it.


Ok, nightlife. WOW. There is something for EVERYONE. Bars, clubs, beach parties, shows, game nights, the list goes on and on. We, again, tried to do something different each night. One night, we went to a “speakeasy” called the Rabbit Hole. Our butler had to give us the password to get in! It was a blast.

Our favorite night was (sadly) our last night and we saw a steel drum band, The Silver Birds. It was INCREDIBLE. They were so talented, energetic, and the entire crowd was loving it! We still watch the videos we took when we are feeling nostalgic.


I have really overlooked food in this post which is weird because lunch is my favorite time of the day. The entire week, we did not have a bad meal. Honestly, we didn’t even have an “OK” meal. Everything was DELICIOUS. Like I said earlier, my husband is unbelievably picky and he loved everywhere we went. Some special shoutouts to our favorite restaurants: Vista Sky for breakfast, Valentino's for some drool-worthy Italian, The Reef Terrace for a sunset dinner that made me never want to leave my chair, Dino's for pizza that we ate at their swim up bar, and The Jerk Shack for some award-worthy jerk chicken.

We also had an extremely relaxing day at the Red Lane spa for a couple’s massage that was incredible. My husband was dreading it and ended up in tears when it was over (not really, but you get my point).

I could seriously go on about Sandals Ochi forever, but I need to wrap it up.

Our experience was AMAZING. The staff was friendly, helpful, and made us feel so comfortable and welcome. Alvroy and Christina were out of this world and I wish they were here to fold back my covers right now. The resort was clean, well maintained, and beautiful. There are SO many options for everyone. Water sports, the spa, shopping, pools, beaches, etc. and that is JUST on the resort. Let alone, if you want to take an excursion off the resort.

If you are looking for a high-end all inclusive resort, Sandals is the way to go. Ochi was an incredible experience for our Honeymoon and we would definitely recommend it.

Happy Traveling!


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